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Memory Card with WiFi Make Instagram Updates More Enjoy


Your SD-card doesn't have WiFi? Change it! Memory Card with WiFi Make Instagram Updates More Enjoy

    Take photos with the camera, but it's difficult to transfer to cellphones to update on social media. It seems that this issue doesn't appear once or twice, especially when you're traveling during the holidays. It's really lazy if you have to carry around a laptop just to move data. Eits, don't worry! If you usually transfer data, you have to use a USB cable or WiFi from the camera, now you can directly transfer your beautiful photos and videos with just a memory card. Not only practical, this WiFi memory card is also cheap. Here, we give some recommendations that you can lyric.

Ez Share WiFi Class

    This SD Card has a transfer system to the Dropbox application. Not only sending data, Ez Share WiFi Class also allows you to upload photos to Facebook and Twitter at the same time. To operate this SD Card, you just need to download a browser with a password that is connected specifically to the SD Card.

Toshiba FlashAir

    One step more sophisticated than other WiFi SD Cards, Toshiba FlashAir has ON and OFF options according to your data transfer needs. In addition to saving camera battery power, the security and privacy of SD Card data is guaranteed. You can also create a special password to share data with new gadgets, such as your friends' or family's cellphones.

DigiGear Slim CF Adapter

compared to SD Cards of its peers, the interface speed of this DigiGear Slim CF Adapter is the most convenient. This one adapter is also compatible for various classes, ranging from class 10 or even uhs-1 cards,  Memory Card with WiFi Make Instagram Updates More Enjoy

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