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How to Install the Latest Automatic Refresh Script on Blogspot to Increase PV for Adsense Listing - Bogor Tech

    The automatic refresh script is a code that is installed in the HTML dashboard of the blog to increase the number of page views, in this post it is devoted to the blogspot platform. Refresh or reload the blog page will occur automatically according to the time we specify so that the number of page views or frequent Page View (PV) will be counted.

So on the working principle of the blog's automatic refresh script, which is to make the page display reload by itself, so what increases is Page View (PV) not Unique Visitor (UV) because the two are different.

Before proceeding with how to install automatic refresh, I need to discuss a little about what a Visitor, Page View and Unique Visitor are so you don't misunderstand them. That way the purpose of the script can be really understood.


Visitor is the total number of visitors to a blog or website, whether human or using certain applications (robots). Everything is calculated by visitors within a certain period of time, for example one day.

Page View (PV)

Is the number of page views or the number of page reloads counted on the blog. For example, there are 100 visitors and each visitor opens 2 pages, which means the number of page views is counted to be 200. Not only visiting 2 different pages, on the same page when a visitor reloads the page it is still counted. Well, this page refresh script automatically serves to reload the page visited by the visitor.

Unique Visitor (UN)

Unique visitors are visitors who visit with a different IP. This means people who are visiting a blog or web for the first time. When that person visits with the same IP more than once then he is no longer counted as a unique visitor. Sometimes the same people visit the blog two to five times a day.

So, the benefit of installing auto refresh on the blog is to increase Page View (PV).

Easy Ways to Automatically Install Page Reload Code

1. Visit blog Dashboard

2. Choose Theme

3. Go to Edit HTML

4. Search code  <head>  or  &lt;head&gt; 

5. Copy and paste this code below  <head> : <meta content='360' http-equiv='refresh'/>

6. And Save

Notes :

The number 360 means that for 360 seconds the blog page will refresh automatically, it can be changed as desired. It is recommended not to be too fast because it will make visitors uncomfortable.

When the blog was still in the early stages of being built, I once used this auto-refresh script, but after a few months I let it go. My goal is to use that time to quickly speed up the number of page views. For blogs that are already google adsense publishers, you should consider using automatic refresh because even if the page views increase it will not affect the increase in the number of ad clicks. Hopefully useful for those of you who will use it, thank you.

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